Episodes in Literary Life 3: Crappy Jobs

(This continues my series of autobiographical vignettes, intended to demonstrate the neuroses, ambition, talent, chance, mischance, place, alcohol and attitude that go toward the creation of a writer. The tales may be instructive or proscriptive. This one concerns work –– something writing should never be.) In the summer after my second year at Oxford, I […]

Bigmouth loves ‘Bethlehem Murders’

Me and My Big Mouth is the blog of the inimitable Scott Pack, the most innovative (and, to many, the most controversial) man in British publishing. We met a year ago in freezing Oslo, tramped through the snow to the Ibsen Museum, and generally had a great time. It’s possible we were the only teetotallers […]

My bogus bio

Here’s my latest post on the International Crime Authors Reality Check blog: Since you’re reading this, you don’t care who I am. So I can be anyone I like. At least, that’s what somebody wrote here recently. I posted on this blog a couple of weeks ago about Dashiell Hammett. I noted that, while a […]


It’s always a thrill for me to receive the covers of my forthcoming novels from my UK publisher Atlantic Books. They have a series feel in that there’s a continuity to the design. Each one seems to get better. Here’s the cover of THE FOURTH ASSASSIN, which will be published next February. I received it […]

A Gripping Read, or Gripping your Read

I’m delighted to present a guest blogger today whose terrific new novel STOP ME is out tomorrow. Richard Jay Parker was born in the same South Wales town as me, just around the corner from where my parents now live. In our different ways, clearly, the mean streets of Newport shaped a real pair of […]