Write a thriller: Start with a bang

Start your thriller with action to grab the readers The most effective way to open a thriller is to hit the reader with action right away. It’ll hook them to the story, particularly if you make it clear that the action involves the hero who we’ll accompany and root for throughout the book. The best […]

Write a thriller: Do you plot or not?

Should crime fiction writers figure out the details of their plot before they write? Harlan Coben doesn’t. John Grisham does. Robert Ludlum did, and how. George Pelecanos doesn’t. Unless he’s writing for The Wire, in which case the show-runner makes him do it. I plot out my novels in detail. But lots of top writers […]

Why thriller titles…aren’t

Thriller titles often seem designed to confuse prospective readers. Pick up a book by a well-known author, read the title which is something like “Better Off Dead,” and you’re likely to think: “Did I already read that one? It seems to me titles in the thriller world have moved away from any kind of descriptive […]