La Conjuration Mozart: Un génie, un complot, un mystère

City Editions publishes my novel about Mozart’s sister in French The cutting edge French publisher City Editions publishes La Conjuration Mozart, the translation of Mozart’s Last Aria, my novel about the death of the great composer and his sister Nannerl’s investigation of how he died. Lire les premières pages. 1791 : Mozart est l’artiste le […]

Mozart’s Last Aria: Who killed my brother?

Who do you think killed Mozart? In my novel Mozart’s Last Aria, the great composer’s sister Maria Anna travels to Vienna in 1791 to find out who murdered her brother. Many people think the rival composer Salieri did in Wolfgang. That’s been popular since Salieri confessed — except that he was in a madhouse when […]

Daily Caravaggio: The Flagellation

Caravaggio’s depiction of torture reflects his own fear of execution For the last four years of his life, Caravaggio was on the run under sentence of death. He became much obsessed with execution. It gave depictions of the deaths of saints and, in particular, of the torment of Christ a deep resonance for him–and for […]

Daily Caravaggio: Seven Works of Mercy

Caravaggio’s Naples masterpiece Caravaggio painted The Seven Works of Mercy (or Our Lady of Mercy, as it’s actually called) in Naples in 1607. He was on the run with a price on his head. He was, of course, the perfect character for a historical thriller, because he was producing masterpieces while trying to keep a […]

My Caravaggio novel in paperback

My historical thriller A Name in Blood, which is about the great Italian artist Caravaggio, will be out in a small-format UK paperback in two weeks. Pre-order it for a special discount at, from Waterstone’s, or from Foyle’s. Rees illuminates with sensitivity the hitherto dark portrait of one of the world’s most influential artists. […]

On Caravaggio’s trail

I went all over Europe and North America, tracking Caravaggio’s works and the places that touched his life for my novel A Name in Blood. But in particular I spent a great deal of time in Rome, Naples and Malta.