Matt Rees videos about his books

Matt’s videos show you the places featured in his thrillers, from the refugee camps of the West Bank to the salons of Vienna

Mozart’s Last Aria: the Book Trailer
For the promo to my Mozart novel I enlisted a friend who’s a concert pianist to play the role of Mozart’s sister. My son was three when he portrayed Little Mozart here.



The Fourth Assassin: the fourth Omar Yussef Mystery
Omar Yussef, the hero of my Palestinian crime novels, goes to New York and confronts a conspiracy to murder the Palestinian President at the UN.



Matt reads from The Fourth Assassin
I went to the roof of the Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem’s Old City to read the first chapter of The Fourth Assassin.



The Samaritan’s Secret: the third Omar Yussef Mystery
The Samaritan’s Secret takes place in Nablus, a fascinating town in the West Bank that’s often overlooked–among the ancient Samaritan community there.



A Grave in Gaza, the second Omar Yussef Mystery
Omar Yussef heads to Gaza, where he faces down weapons smugglers and the corrupt Palestinian police.



The Collaborator of Bethlehem, the first Omar Yussef Mystery
As Bethlehem is torn apart by the violence of the intifada, schoolteacher Omar Yussef must track a murderous gangster to save one of his former pupils.


The Thriller Checklist from Matt Rees


A Secret About Wolfgang’s Death: Matt reads from Mozart’s Last Aria



Wolfgang’s Mysterious Letter: Matt reads from Mozart’s Last Aria



“It’s too dangerous.” Matt reads from Mozart’s Last Aria



A Bloodthirsty Masonic Oath: Matt reads from Mozart’s Last Aria



Nannerl Mozart’s Promise: Matt reads from Mozart’s Last Aria



Mozart’s Last Aria: the longer book trailer
Call this the director’s cut. It’s a few minutes longer than the other video, because we deleted some scenes for short attention spans. Some beautiful piano and vocal performances.



The Thriller Checklist from Matt Rees


Matt Rees Videos auf Deutsch

Der Attentaeter von Brooklyn

Der Tote von Nablus

Ein Grab in Gaza


Matt Rees Videos en francais





Matt Rees Videos nel italiano






Matt Rees Videos en espanol

The Thriller Checklist from Matt Rees

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