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The stunning second novel in the ICE series


Matt Rees China Strike thriller novel
CHINA STRIKE begins on an ordinary summer morning. Chaos erupts across the globe when thousands of cars simultaneously speed out of control in the United States and Europe. The death toll is enormous, and there is only one thing connecting the crashes–every single car is the same model.

Amidst the bewilderment of the tragedy, ICE Special Agent Dominic Verrazzano is called to the Brooklyn Detention Center, where Tom Frisch, recently arrested for attempting to assassinate the US President, claims to have knowledge about the mastermind behind the crashes. He also knows that an even bigger catastrophe, involving many more motor companies, is already in the works.

Verrazzano has no choice but to take Frisch with him as he tracks down an enemy that both men know far too well–their old Special Forces commander and father figure. Following leads that take them from New York to Detroit and across Europe, Verrazzano finally lands in a confrontation that unravels a secret even more sinister than he could have expected.

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CHINA STRIKE is the sequel to the first ICE thriller by Matt Rees THE DAMASCUS THREAT. In that novel, Verrazzano tracked a chemical weapons plot from New York to Syria and back to the United Nations building. CHINA STRIKE takes the conspiracy that Verrazzano battled in THE DAMASCUS THREAT and raises the stakes even further.

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