11 thriller writers worth following on Twitter

Thriller writers who use Twitter as more than a place for press releases Twitter is about connecting. Some crime novelists, however, clearly don’t write their own tweets. Other thriller writers openly declare that their account is managed by their “team.” I say humbug to this one-way-street view of Twitter. This list includes those who’re very much […]

The 21 Sexiest Crime Novelists

Killer good looks from writers who kill in their books Crime novelists are the sexiest writers. Of course writers aren’t noted for sexiness. Go to a reading by a “literary novelist” and you’ll either encounter an author who looks like a fat, drunk librarian or a pallid fifteenth-century inquisitor. But when you go to a […]

My chat with Tom Clancy

Master of techno twists and turns dead. Or is he? It’s hard to imagine that Tom Clancy, who died this week, was only 66. He had been at the top of the thriller game for so long. The Hunt for Red October was published almost 30 years ago. The time I met Clancy was longer […]

Podcast: Yoga for Writers

I use yoga and meditation to prepare myself for the mental and physical challenge of writing. I introduce this podcast by talking about the importance of yoga and how it helps to open a writer’s creativity, and to prevent fatigue from sitting for long periods. I describe several stretching techniques you can do throughout your […]