Mozart’s Last Aria: Who killed my brother?

Who do you think killed Mozart? In my novel Mozart’s Last Aria, the great composer’s sister Maria Anna travels to Vienna in 1791 to find out who murdered her brother. Many people think the rival composer Salieri did in Wolfgang. That’s been popular since Salieri confessed — except that he was in a madhouse when […]

Write historical fiction: Finding daily details

How to use historical objects in fiction without making them into fetishes In writing historical fiction, there are two main traps to avoid. One is the bugbear of every historical fiction reader, anachronistic dialogue (Such as: “No way,” said King Henry VIII.) The other is being too showy about your historical research. We’ve all bumped […]

Murder and Mozart 261 Years On

Today marks the anniversary of Mozart’s death. It was a tragedy for his family, who lost a loving, fun father and husband. A tragedy for music, which ought to have enjoyed another thirty years of productivity from this 35-year-old genius. Most of all, a tragedy — because he was murdered. For a few decades, we […]

Podcast: Another Mozart, Not Forgotten

It’s hard to tell them apart, Wolfgang Mozart and the great composer’s sister Nannerl. Both had prominent noses, mischievous eyes, and a certain naiveté to their gaze. But there was a difference. Nannerl was a girl, and that decided which of these fabulous musical talents would be remembered. Until now. My novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA […]