5 Places to Eat in Rome You Must Try

I’ve spent a lot of time in Rome over the years, including an extended period to research my novel about the great artist Caravaggio, A Name in Blood. Even a writer’s got to eat, so here are the unmissable eateries of the eternal city. 1. Sora Margherita. Piazza delle Cinque Scole. Looks like a scene […]

Salon: Check out ‘Psychobibi’

A great piece on Salon.com highlighting the relationship between the two Bs, Bibi and Barack cites my new ebook PSYCHOBIBI: Who is Israel’s Prime Minister and Why Does He Want to Fail?: “Netanyahu’s often clumsy outreach to the United States and his image, in Israel, as a complex figure with a dark and possibly unfathomable […]

Discovering a crime fiction gem

I’d seen “The Robespierre Serial” on my parents shelves for years. It was published in 1975, so I assume it must’ve been up there since I was eight. I knew the cover because, even as a kid, there was something compelling about a southern European country scene viewed through the sights of a sniper. I […]