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Trick readers, but don’t hoodwink them In his fabulous essay The Simple Art of Murder Raymond Chandler wrote that “The solution must seem inevitable once revealed.” That means the end of a thriller or mystery mustn’t turn on tricks or hidden clues. There must be nothing that the reader couldn’t have figured out, if they truly wanted to. Certainly nothing that makes the reader feel cheated. So how do you create a conclusion...

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Writers should study an author whose work sparks them creatively. Mine is Raymond Chandler Whenever I start writing a new book, I re-read some Raymond Chandler. The books I write don’t turn out much like Chandler in the end. But I repeat this process because his writing sparks me creatively. Favorite writers inspire creativity. Every writer should have an author whose work does this for him. Here’s how it works for me. Not...

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My 5 favorite novels

Posted By on Jun 24, 2009

My second Palestinian crime novel A Grave in Gaza (UK title: The Saladin Murders) is just now published in Holland. The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant asked me to contribute a list of my five favorite books, or at least those which’ve had the biggest impact on me as a writer. Here’s what I wrote: Let It Come Down – Paul Bowles Writers look for resonance. You might say Bowles has us with his title alone, which resonates with...

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