Poisonville: the Music of Crime Fiction

The only thing as evocative as a good noir crime novel is music. So, I thought, how about making an album of music about crime fiction? That’s what I’ve done and I’m unveiling it here. The project’s called Poisonville, after the mispronounced location of Dashiell Hammett’s first novel “Red Harvest.” (The place was really called […]

Podcast: My Los Angeles

I was born in Britain and live in the Middle East. But as a lover of noir crime fiction, I’ve always had a soft spot for Los Angeles (because of Raymond Chandler) and have spent a great deal of time there. A soft spot that’s almost as soft as Los Angeles itself… An outsider’s witty […]

Why did Marlowe go in the bar?

Mrs. Rees has given me two lovely kids. She has enjoyed the presence of my parents. She even visited Wales with me. But I was never quite sure of her. Because she had only read one Raymond Chandler novel. In an effort to make our marriage complete, I suggested this week she augment her reading […]

Podcast: Crime Fiction Openings

As an award-winning crime writer, I’ve studied the greats of the genre and lectured about how they do what they do. Here I take my three favorite openings to crime novels — “Red Harvest” by Dashiell Hammett, “The Little Sister” by Raymond Chandler, and “The Saint-Fiacre Affair” by Georges Simenon — and examine what makes […]