Travel with kids in Jerusalem

A great new site Seven Suitcases features my musings on what to do with kids when travelling in Jerusalem. There are already a few posts on the site — yes, it hasn’t officially launched yet — from other spots around the world. I think it’s a fabulous site, run by someone who can best be described as a free […]

Swiss scientists: Arafat was murdered

Net closes around Palestinian president’s killers It’s 11 months since I published The Murder of Yasser Arafat with co-author Matthew Kalman. We reported that Palestinian leaders in the immediate circle of the president had fed him poison, leading to his death nine years ago next Monday. Swiss scientists reported this week that they had found […]

Arafat poison stories show need for a new kind of journalism

Journalism needs a new way to handle a world run by corrupt oligarchs, megacorporations and others who’ll just lie through their teeth Along with my The Murder of Yasser Arafat co-author Matthew Kalman, I’ve written an op-ed for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz explaining why journalism isn’t the best way to find out what’s going on. […]

Groove to the DeltaFourth theme tune

Middle East chaos and a cool retro sound Take Shaft, Hawaii Five-Oh, and the theme from Mission Impossible, add a nutso Israeli Prime Minister and a murdered Palestinian president — and you’ve got the DeltaFourth Theme. DeltaFourth is my alternative news publishing venture, featuring two ebooks Psychobibi: Who Is Israel’s Prime Minister and Why Does […]

Podcast: A Grave in Gaza

I talk about the real events in Gaza that are the basis for my second Palestinian crime novel A GRAVE IN GAZA (UK title: THE SALADIN MURDERS.) Over a decade reporting on Gaza, I accumulated stories that few other reporters noticed. In this novel, Palestinian sleuth Omar Yussef faces the corruption of senior Palestinian security […]

Podcast: The Collaborator of Bethlehem

My award-winning first novel was THE COLLABORATOR OF BETHLEHEM (UK title: THE BETHLEHEM MURDERS). Set against the backdrop of the Palestinian intifada, it tells the story of schoolteacher Omar Yussef, who is forced to take on the violence of his hometown to save a former pupil. In this podcast, I lay out how I came […]