My Mozart book gets Wikied

How does a writer know when he has arrived? It used to be a review in The New York Times signified public notice. Or for, let’s say, Soviet writers, it was a sentence to a Gulag. Well, I’ve been reviewed in The Times several times and I’ve been living in Jerusalem for 15 years (not […]

Scribe and Scholar enter world of Hamas

A New York Times correspondent teams up with a Belfast professor to write the story of Islamism among the Palestinians. JERUSALEM — Stephen Farrell was sipping coffee in the office of his money changer on Salah ud-Din Street, East Jerusalem’s main commercial strip, four years ago, when Beverley Milton-Edwards entered. From his rucksack, Farrell produced […]

NY Times Jerusalem ethical dilemma

The Jerusalem Post has an article examining the emerging controversy surrounding New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner. His son is about to enter the Israeli army and a Times editor wrote a piece suggesting that this made it impossible for Bronner to continue in his post.