La Conjuration Mozart: Un génie, un complot, un mystère

City Editions publishes my novel about Mozart’s sister in French The cutting edge French publisher City Editions publishes La Conjuration Mozart, the translation of Mozart’s Last Aria, my novel about the death of the great composer and his sister Nannerl’s investigation of how he died. Lire les premières pages. 1791 : Mozart est l’artiste le […]

Thumbs up for Caravaggio, Mozart

Some great reviews online for my new Caravaggio novel A NAME IN BLOOD. The delightfully named ARRSE blog, which is mainly for members of the British military, rates the novel highly: A really good novel, based on real characters, real paintings and real events. I would suggest that you look up the actual pictures on […]

Mozart’s brains and Caravaggio’s balls

I’ve a guest post on the Fresh Fiction blog and also there’s an interview with me on the CBS columnist Jeff Glor’s blog about my new novel Mozart’s Last Aria. Read the Fresh Fiction post to find out why I don’t think Mozart was an idiot. Read the CBS post to see why I think […]

The Music of MOZART’S LAST ARIA: Symphony 41

In my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA, Nannerl Mozart, the great composer’s sister, hears this symphony, which is known as the “Jupiter,” for the first time shortly before she’s due to perform one of her brother’s piano concertos. Its sheer genius awakens a fear that her own playing will look at best mediocre…Until one of […]

The Music Behind my Mozart Novel

The best reason I have for writing a novel about Mozart must surely be that I love his music. Other elements contribute, including my fascination with his neglected sister and the growing historical research which I believe points toward his murder. But the music must be at the center of the novel itself. I’ve played […]


For today’s release of my new historical crime novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA in the UK, take a look at this two-minute video introducing the book. It features my son dressed as Little Mozart, because I’m even more proud of him than I am of the book… Watch more videos about the book.