Fiction is closer to the ‘truth’ than journalism

Writing the truth by turning to fiction, instead of journalism Journalism is fiction. Don’t believe me? Open a newsmagazine and you’ll be expected to believe that a given Hollywood star is actually a nice man, that you can drive everywhere and not get fat provided you lay off fruit, and that the latest development in […]

Podcast: Journalism’s Special Forces

This podcast is about my new alternative news project DeltaFourth. I read from THE MURDER OF YASSER ARAFAT, the first explosive ebook from DeltaFourth. The ebook reveals how Yasser Arafat was murdered by people in his inner circle. It’s the prototype for DeltaFourth’s forthcoming series of long-form journalistic ebooks — stunning breaking news written in […]

My Arafat book makes radio waves

Arafat was murdered by his own people, or as my Danish fans say Arafat blev myrdet af sine egne folk. Danish correspondent Hanne Foighel interviews Matt for Denmark radio about THE MURDER OF YASSER ARAFAT. (Just in case you didn’t get this yet, it’s in Danish…) To read more about it in English go to […]

From the city where Arafat died

Yasser Arafat died in France, so I’m delighted that Le Parisien’s wonderful chef de service Philippe Lemaire picked up on The Murder of Yasser Arafat, the first book from my new alternative news venture DeltaFourth. Philippe also picks up on our new style of writing: “Leur investigation, menée entre Ramallah, Gaza, Bethlehem et Jerusalem, est […]

What’s D4? My alternative news venture

Journalists know that their readership is changing. The primary approach to this change has been, frankly, to panic. And of course to fire people. To offer the same style and content, but with links to Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. I’ve come to the conclusion that these things don’t help. What readers want is a […]