My chat with Tom Clancy

Master of techno twists and turns dead. Or is he? It’s hard to imagine that Tom Clancy, who died this week, was only 66. He had been at the top of the thriller game for so long. The Hunt for Red October was published almost 30 years ago. The time I met Clancy was longer […]

International crime fiction interview

Scene of the Crime highlights Matt The terrific international crime fiction blog Scene of the Crime features an interview with me entitled “Tough work but somebody’s got to do it.” That’s a reference to the Italian locations and research for the thriller I’m writing right now. The interview looks at my original Palestinian crime novels, […]

Psychobibi on Michigan Radio

My new alternative publishing venture DeltaFourth was featured on Michael Patrick Shiels’ Michigan Big Show. Listen to the interview with me — about Barack Obama’s Israel visit, DeltaFourth, and the Israeli Prime Minister we call Psychobibi.

The Jerusalem Post: Murder of Yasser Arafat from D4 is ‘compelling’

The Jerusalem Post highlights the investigation by my new alternative news venture DeltaFourth into Yasser Arafat’s murder. JPost writer Rachel Marder interviews me about The Murder of Yasser Arafat and writes that Matthew Kalman and I have a “compelling explanation [for] the 75-year-old leader’s death near Paris in November 2004 based on years of reporting […]