The Next Big Series Detective

I began my career as a novelist with a series of four Omar Yussef Mysteries, in which the protagonist was a Palestinian sleuth. I’ve followed those books with two stand-alone novels, as they’re called. The first is published this week in the US. MOZART’S LAST ARIA is the story of Nannerl Mozart, who goes to Vienna in December 1791 to find out who really killed her famous brother Wolfgang. Next year I’ll publish a novel about the mysterious end of Caravaggio, the Italian artist who disappeared in 1610.

As I figure out what to do next, I’ve been considering a new series character. Publishers like a series. Readers can come back every year for a new book where they’ll meet up once more with familiar figures – the detective, his family and friends, the exotic locale. If they like the new book, they might buy all the previous ones. So perhaps it’s a good move.

Here are a few of the series I’ve been considering. Let me know which of these sleuths would be the one you’d most like to read (and which are clearly only placed here as a joke): Read more

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