Hammett’s writing evokes emotion through reality

How Hammett’s classic ‘The Maltese Falcon’ showed me what kind of writer to be As an undergraduate I studied English literature at Oxford University and I read all I could find of the sort of literary criticism which made novels seem like East German economic analysis. Three years later, I hadn’t learned a thing, except […]

A new Caravaggio cover

Brazilian edition of ‘A Name in Blood’ uses Matthew painting I always love to see what publishers do with the cover for my books in translation. My Brazilian publisher Novo Seculo really worked wonders with their version of my novel about the great Italian artist Caravaggio. Um Nome Escrito Em Sangue (which in English is […]

French TV: ‘Bethlehem’ most passionate crime novel

The most passionate crime novel of recent years On French television, Olivier Barrot describes the first of my Palestinian crime novels (The Collaborator of Bethlehem, or as Olivier reads from Le Collaborateur de Bethleem): “I must say that I don’t remember in recent years a crime novel so passionate.” Merci, Olivier! Related articles across the […]