‘The Orwell Brigade’ takes on power

One of my essays is included in a new collection by crime writers called “The Orwell Brigade.” The idea is that authors — in particular crime writers — spend their time considering the very same questions as George Orwell did in his novels and essays about power. The Orwell Brigade is the brainchild of Christopher […]

My new blog experiment

I’ve noticed a preponderance of writers complaining about having to write blogs when they should be writing books. Well, I’ve figured out a number of ways of coping with the different demands and style of blogging, as well as the doubt that afflicts all writers of books–does the blog help sell the books? Ultimately I […]

Scribe and Scholar enter world of Hamas

A New York Times correspondent teams up with a Belfast professor to write the story of Islamism among the Palestinians. JERUSALEM — Stephen Farrell was sipping coffee in the office of his money changer on Salah ud-Din Street, East Jerusalem’s main commercial strip, four years ago, when Beverley Milton-Edwards entered. From his rucksack, Farrell produced […]