Caravaggio’s Works

Here are some of Caravaggio’s works featured in my novel A NAME IN BLOOD:

  • The-Musicians-1595-96
    Young Caravaggio’s self-portrait is second from the right. 1595, age 23 or 24. Center, a Spanish castrato and pal of C's.
  • Michelangelo_Merisi_da_Caravaggio_-_St_Catherine_of_Alexandria_-_WGA04100
    This painting first made me fall in love with Caravaggio. I was alone with it in the room where it’s housed in a Madrid museum. The saint, who’s about to meet her death, seemed to watch me. I couldn’t leave. It was as though I was abandoning her to her fate.
  • mandm
    Fillide again, with a second woman whose beauty is so much greater for the way Caravaggio disguises her in the shadow. The convex mirror may be a clue to Caravaggio’s use of projected images to help him paint an exact, almost photographic, image.
  • Caravaggio_Paul_V
    The nasty, grasping little eyes of Pope Paul V truly raise the hairs on the back of your neck when you’re before this painting (which is in a private collection). Caravaggio was no flatterer.
  • rest
    Model for the virgin was C's friend Anna Bianchini, a whore who died young of syphilis.
  • CaravaggioNormale
    Much of what happens in A NAME IN BLOOD was dictated by the attraction I felt to the Madonna here — or more specifically to Lena Antognetti, Caravaggio’s model and, I believe, lover.
  • deathofthevirgin
    Artistic and religious convention had the Virgin rising up to heaven with the angels. Caravaggio painted her — his model Lena in this case — as an absolutely dead woman. It looks better to us, for that reason. To contemporaries it was blasphemy.
    Standing in the cavernous oratory in the Maltese capital Valletta where this masterpiece hangs is like watching a movie unfold before you. It’s a still image, yet Caravaggio captured what went before and what was to come. I believe he changed his technique to make this possible. It’s central to the art story-arc of A NAME IN BLOOD.
  • michelangelo_caravaggio_59_the_flagellation_of_christ
    The Flagellation of Christ is approached down a long gallery through other smaller galleries at the Capodimonte in Naples. Though you pass by masterpieces by Raphael et al, you have eyes only for this shocking, shadowy work. No artist can make everything else in a gallery seem like rubbish the way Caravaggio can.
  • David-With-Head-Of-Goliath-Caravaggio
    The most horrifying and personal of Caravaggio’s biblical images. Probably the last thing he painted, while he was in Naples in 1610, staying with his patroness Costanza Colonna.


3 thoughts on “Caravaggio’s Works

  1. My first and only experience of Caravaggio’s work was viewing The beheading of St. John in Valletta’s Co-Cathedral. It was partly my reason for going to Malta. What an amazing Artist and reading his story in your book evoked my love with Rome & Malta. Many thanks.

    • Wonderful to know that it touched you, Michael, particularly having had that same experience myself of heading to Malta to see St. John. I spent a long time…well, best part of a day the first time round…standing in the Oratorio where it hangs. Loved it, and had to make an element of it the title of A Name in Blood (for the way Caravaggio signed his name in the blood from the saint’s neck…) As for loving Rome, well, you and me both. Thanks for reading.

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