All my books are available as ebooks. Here are some extra publications only available as ebooks:

Short stories

Lazarus’s Brush

As a taster for A NAME IN BLOOD, my historical crime novel about the mysterious end of the great Italian artist Caravaggio, I offer the short story “Lazarus’s Brush.” The download also includes a sample from the novel and a personal essay about how I came to write A NAME IN BLOOD. In “Lazarus’s Brush,” Caravaggio flees to Sicily with a price on his head. Commissioned to paint the raising of Lazarus, he learns about his fears of the violence that stalks him. But the story also charts a profound change in his artistic technique.

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The Sweetest Things

A short story set in Amman, Jordan, during the Arab Spring. Tom Swallow, a Western journalist, befriends a wealthy sweet-seller named Said. He grows close to Said and his lover, a poor taxi driver named Nizar, as he covers the anti-government riots of the Arab Spring. He observes their growing conflict until its shocking conclusion. The story draws on my many years reporting and, for a while, living in the Jordanian capital, which finds itself at the seething center of the Mideast’s many conflicts.

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Damascus Trance

Fiction with characters from my award-winning Palestine Quartet of crime novels. Omar Yussef is in Damascus for a university reunion. But the Palestinian sleuth is caught up in the violent government crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators, and also faces an old nemesis who’s now a senior figure in the state’s secret police. This short story is an immediate response to events of the ‘Arab Spring’ in Syria.

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Cover of Matt Rees's ebook about Gaza

My most intense memories of Gaza and a Hamas man’s deadly vengeance

Everyone wants Imad Akel dead. The Israeli army, the Palestinian police. But Akel wants revenge for the killing of his brother. In this new memoir I take you inside the dirty battles of the Gaza Strip, recounting Akel’s story and the part Gaza played in my own writing. In many ways what I learned in Gaza during the intifada told me a lot about myself and ultimately gave me the insights to write my Palestinian novels.

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THE MURDER OF YASSER ARAFAT: Polonium Politics in Palestine

For the first time I reveal the murderous story behind the death of the historic, controversial leader of the Palestinians. A conspiracy that went right to his inner circle. Read a sample chapter from The Murder of Yasser Arafat.

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Who is Israel’s Prime Minister and Why Does He Want to Fail?

Read a free chapter from the shocking, hilarious, innovative new ebook from D4.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the man often portrayed as an extremist, is really just locked in a deep psychological battle with the ghosts of his tough father and golden brother. The result: Bibi’s driven to succeed, so long as he can always get it wrong in the end. Confused? You won’t be. Not after you meet Psychobibi. Hard-hitting and irreverent, incisive and hardboiled, I eviscerate the myth behind the man they love to hate.

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