Matt talks to CBS about Mozart’s Last Aria

Matt’s “soundtrack” for Mozart’s Last Aria in the “Book Notes” series of interviews on this music and literature blog. Find out what music he picked and how it helped him write the novel.

Roll Over, Amadeus: Top-classical music blog in UK interviews Matt

Matt takes NPR’s Morning Edition on a tour of Nablus

Matt talks to Terri Gross on Fresh Air

In Search of Caravaggio: Matt’s piece in The Western Mail, Wales’s national ‘paper, about A NAME IN BLOOD.
The first story I remember writing was an adventure tale. It took place during a storm in the Caerphilly hills. I was seven. The earliest drawing I remember doing was of a tree. It was rooted in the purple clay soil of Beechwood Park, across the road from my grandma’s house in Newport. I was eight


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