The Damascus Threat

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“Reads like it’s ripped from tomorrow’s headlines” Mark Sullivan, co-author of James Patterson’s Private Paris

The Damascus Threat by Matt Rees

“Crackerjack entertainment”
Kirkus Reviews

“Starts with a bang and gathers speed right out of the box…an outstanding read”
Marc Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of Brute Force

ICE Special Agent Dominic Verrazzano uncovers a plot to hit New York with chemical weapons. The only woman who could help him is killed just before she reaches him. But she leaves him with a single clue that leads him to Syria. In the midst of a brutal civil war, he must track the weapons before it’s too late. Unless it’s already too late…

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The Damascus Threat

It’s the first book in a new series about Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent Dominic Verrazzano. He has a dangerous past as a Special Ops soldier whose commander tricked him into working on private mercenary missions. Now he has an even more dangerous future.

I’m working on book two in the series now. The first three in the series will all stand alone as ICE thrillers, but they’ll link together — to demonstrate the complexity and scale of what US agents are up against these days.
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