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Western Mail: Seeking Caravaggio; Irish Times: Caravaggio novel ‘sumptuous’

For the Western Mail, the main newspaper in my native Wales, I wrote about the importance of recent discoveries of Caravaggio’s youthful sketches, as well as how I came to write my novel A NAME IN BLOOD. Meanwhile, Declan Burke, author of the Crime Always Pays blog and one of Ireland’s premier crime novelists, reviews A NAME IN BLOOD in the Irish Times. “A Name in Blood is a richly detailed account of the more vibrant aspects of Caravaggio’s life, which was as full of shadow, blood and death as his celebrated work. Rees does full justice to the artist, investing him with a brooding, self-destructive soul that is equal parts classical tragedy and noir fatalism. All told, it’s a sumptuous piece of work,” he writes. On the Hashtag Reads blog, my previous novel, MOZART’S LAST ARIA, gets a big thumbs up: “Rees was really able to create the scene for me in Vienna; how women and men interacted, what like was like in a bustling city during that time period, how government and religion played into everyone’s lives. I loved the way it was written, and the mystery of the story kept me interested until the very last page. A wonderfully researched book that gives us another story to contemplate, another possibility to ponder about Mozart’s early death. If you have any interest in Mozart or this time period, I highly recommend that you pick this one up!”

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